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Alameda Police Free Falsely Accused Man

A man apparently falsely accused of a child kidnapping has been released from jail by Alameda police.

A man apparently falsely accused of a child kidnapping has been released from jail by Alameda police.

A 53-year old Alameda man spent the weekend in Santa Rita Jail on what has now apparently been shown to be a false report of an attempted child abduction.

On Friday, the Alameda Police Department posted to its Facebook page that minor female child reported that, on the 3200 block of Madison Street, an adult male had tried to abduct her while she was walking to a friends house. Alameda police identified and contacted the man, arrested him, and transported him to Santa Rita Jail. He was arrested on three charges, including battery, kidnapping and annoying or molesting a child.

This morning, police notified the public and the media that the 9-year old victim’s mother overheard the girl yesterday making statements that suggested the original report was false; the mother called Alameda police again.

Alameda police say they investigated this new report, and determined that the girl had fabricated the entire abduction story, and even self-inflicted minor wounds to make it look like a struggle appeared.

According to police, the girl admitted that while she knew, from the neighborhood, the man who was arrested, she had no contact with him.

Subsequently, police dropped the charges and filed paperwork at Santa Rita Jail to release the man.

Police are investigating the false police report to determine a response if any.

California Penal Code 148.5 holds that making a false police report is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in county jail.

Action Alameda News is not naming the adult male nor the minor child.

1 comment to Alameda Police Free Falsely Accused Man

  • Jeff Paterson

    Image what would have happened to this poor guy if the kid’s mother hadn’t overhear those contradictory statements?