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Alameda’s Sidewalks are Filthy, Mayor Says

Mayor Marie Gilmore says that Alameda's sidewalks are filthy.

Mayor Marie Gilmore says that Alameda’s sidewalks are filthy. (City of Alameda)

Alameda has had filthy sidewalks for years, Mayor Marie Gilmore stated in an announcement today, necessitating a cleaning contract “bake-off.”

Next week, several contractors bidding for a city cleaning contract to “remove years of built up grime, gum, and discoloration on both the sidewalks and public litter cans” will demonstrate their capabilities on Park Street between Santa Clara and Central Avenue.

Based on the demonstration, the Public Works Department will award the contract, which is scheduled to begin in May.

The objective is provide a high-quality, deep cleaning to erase years of accumulated filth on city sidewalks, the Mayor said.

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