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Alameda Police Arrest Three for 2010 Murder

Alameda police have arrested suspects in a 2010 murder.

Alameda police have arrested suspects in a 2010 murder.

On September 11, 2010, Eric Franklin, 35, of Alameda, was shot multiple times, and killed, on the 700 block of Eagle Avenue in Alameda. This month, Alameda police arrested three people implicated in his murder.

At the time of the murder, witnesses described the shooter, additional suspects, and a likely getaway vehicle, but the names of the suspects were unknown.

However, Alameda police were subsequently able to arrest Leondre Paige, 24, on April 1st of this year.

A separate Alameda County Sheriff’s office murder investigation into a 2011 San Leandro death identified Paige as a suspect; evidence from the Alameda murder in 2010 suggested Paige was involved in Franklin’s death.

Alameda investigators worked with the Sheriff’s investigators and identified 24 year old Daquan Lane and 26 year old Monique Hardy-Gauthier as potential accomplices in Franklin’s killing.

Paige was arrested by Alameda police for the Franklin murder after Sacramento police nabbed him on March 15th for the San Leandro murder. Police had been called to Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento because mall security determined that Paige was driving a stolen vehicle.

Lane was arrested at his Oakland residence on March 31, and booked into Santa Rita Jail.

Alameda police arrested Hardy-Gauthier at Santa Rita Jail on April 2nd, after she was arrested in Berkeley on charges unrelated to either of the homicides.

Alameda police claim an 85 percent homicide clearance rate, resolving 12 out of 14 homicides in Alameda over the past 10 years.

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