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City Hosting Workshop on Park And Webster Street Parking

Alameda Parking Kiosk

The City of Alameda is hosting a public workshop on parking improvements. (File photo.)

The City of Alameda Public Works Department is hosting, later this month, a public workshop to discuss parking improvements for the Park and Webster Street shopping districts.

The stated purpose is to provide more convenient access to parking in these key shopping districts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from cars circling for a parking space.

Coincident with the opening in 2008 of the Civic Center Parking Garage on Oak Street, one block removed from Park Street, the City of Alameda removed street parking spaces along both Park and Webster in favor of transit bulb-outs.

Now public works staff will present findings from a community survey and a study of parking occupancies. The public will have an opportunity to provide ideas on improving signage, and on equipment, rates and enforcement.

The workshop will be Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at 6:30 p.m., in the Alameda High School cafeteria at 2201 Encinal Avenue.

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