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From Harbor Point to Alameda Point, City Hires Darrell Doan

Darrell Doan reportedly quit the Baltimore Development Corporation in early March. (LinkedIn)

Darrell Doan reportedly quit the Baltimore Development Corporation in early March. (LinkedIn)

The City of Alameda announced this week that it has hired Darrell Doan as Economic Development Manager. Doan reportedly quit the Baltimore Economic Development Corporation in early March.

According to Baltimore Brew, a Baltimore area online news website, Doan is the latest in a string of employees to exit the Baltimore non-profit that contracts with the City of Baltimore, Maryland to drive economic growth. Doan was said to have “spearheaded $106 million in TIF [tax increment financing] tax breaks and other incentives for the Harbor Point development.”

Tax increment financing is the underlying mechanism behind redevelopment which California Governor Jerry Brown abolished in 2011, acknowledging a long-standing criticism, namely, that it diverts property taxes from K-12 schools.

It’s also the underlying mechanism beneath Infrastructure Financing Districts, which have returned to the forefront in the absence of redevelopment. In November of last year, the City of Alameda hired Don Perata to lobby Sacramento for changes to make infrastructure financing districts easier for municipalities to implement.

Doan was born in Redwood City and worked also for the cities of Santa Cruz and San Jose. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of California at Davis, and his Masters in City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University.

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