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School District Should Refund Illegal Tax Before Seeking New Tax

Dear Editor,

The School Board should refund the illegal portion of Measure H before seeking a new tax.

The School District lost the suit over the non uniform parcel tax a year ago and still they continue to refuse to refund these taxes. The school district needs to refund these taxes before seeking another tax increase. The taxpayers who are due a refund are stunned that the Board of Education will not put their district in order first before putting a bond measure on the ballot. Alameda taxpayers deserve better. Alamedans for Fair Taxation is prepared to press the case that it is improper for the district place a bond measure on the ballot without first resolving Measure H.

— Alamedans for Fair Taxation

3 comments to School District Should Refund Illegal Tax Before Seeking New Tax

  • Larry

    I think your point has some merit, assuming the suit is now fully resolved and has gone as high in the court system as it can. If that is the case (can you confirm it?), it would be sensible to resolve it in one go. Does “Alamedans for Fair Taxation” a board of directors, etc? What public information is available on the organization? When you write that “The taxpayers are due a refund are stunned…” do you mean all of them or certain ones?

  • Alamedan’s for Fair Taxation is a group of business and property owners in Alameda, some of whom were/are close to George Borikas, who was the named plaintiff on the lawsuit that produced the refund.

    Not everyone affiliated with the group wishes to be named, because, inevitably, during campaign season when a school tax is on the ballot, they get angry people yelling at them in their stores, and sometimes worse.

    It is commercial property owners that are owed a refund vis-a-vis the Measure H lawsuit – it was the commercial portion of that tax that was deemed non uniform, and not legal, by the courts.

    Residential property owners are owed no refund.

  • Alamedans for Fair Taxation

    The case went all of the way to the State Supreme Court, which declined to review it. Now the Board of Education is simply stalling in issuing refunds. This presents a high level of disrespect for the taxpayers, and now the board seeks yet another tax.
    We encourage Alamedans to vote no on this tax unless the illegal taxation of Measure H is cleaned up.