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Citizen’s Group Schedules Forum On Responsible School Board Governance

Dear Editor,

Alameda Citizens Task Force (ACT) invites the public to attend a panel presentation and audience discussion on Responsible School Board Governance. In November, 2014 Alamedans will be electing two AUSD School Board trustees and voting on a proposed AUSD Tax Bond Measure.

Citizens must be informed about AUSD existing debt obligations and what a new bond measure is likely to look like: Bonds can’t have “Senior Exemptions”. Will it restore the historic Alameda High School buildings? What are the priorities for all 17 schools? What is AUSD’s past history on accountability with the 2004 Measure C bonds?

Much of the public is upset over the recent “Land Swap” with the City of Alameda and think that AUSD was fiscally irresponsible to trade land without appraisals. Why didn’t they question the Superintendent’s statement that the land was “worthless?” Will AUSD continue to rent expensive office space for their district offices?

Citizens should expect greater transparency and better leadership on the School Board! Is it time for change?

Please attend ACT’s quarterly meeting on Wednesday, April 30th at 7pm in Alameda Hospital’s second floor Conference Room “A.”

— Alameda Citizens Task Force

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