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Increasing Cloud Integration Makes Jitterbit In-Demand

Jitterbit has now been leading the Information Technology with its fast and reliable solutions for the modern industry. Having the best technology for any company has given a high record growth for 2014 for Jitterbit. More businesses have adopted new applications in order to heighten the function of their various applications. New applications, of course, need to be integrated accordingly with the existing platform in order for each application to work properly. Jitterbit offers the fastest cloud integration in the business industry signing in the biggest customers such as Autodesk, NBC Universal, Mophie, Salesforce and more.

Increasing Cloud Integration Makes Jitterbit In-DemandWith the emerging standards on the Internet and the economy, cloud integration definitely changes the competition of companies. Many projects that come from cloud integration grow fast in both numbers and profits. Most companies adopted mobile, social media, mobile and huge data network. According to reports from Ovum, the global middleware market is found to reach $17.9 billion in 2018 having the integration platforms expanding at a yearly rate of 31 percent. New applications still depend on solutions that work on a local firewall and handle different business processes. Jitterbit cloud integration offers secure data transfer among businesses and furthermore brings the full benefits of greater automation and efficiency. Fast advancements of technology offer high profit and long-term business projects in the future.

According to Ray Wang, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research, Inc., many companies are into advanced applications in order to handle their big share of business processes. Nonetheless, the value of cloud integration is not realized until the applications work in sync. Holger Mueller, the Principal Analyst and Vice President of the same company, shares the same sentiments. Applications need to work in the same pace and function in order keep up with the newest technology. Jitterbit highly exemplifies these qualities in application harmony through their new platforms.

The newest platform from Jitterbit named Harmony offers products to be integrated in one multi-tenant platform. This will enable companies to connect their apps in just days rather than the traditional work-up of months. This innovation from Jitterbit acquired almost 35,000 users. In this application, more than 5,000 data loads can take advantage of the successful rollout from Jitterbit Harmony. The Jitterbit CEO George Gallegos says that they want companies to experience the benefits of Cloud and API revolution by integrating the new apps into their existing applications. Rather than having each application run slowly, the companies can even increase the efficiency and power of their investments through solutions across their businesses.

With a compelling vision, Jitterbit created a good reputation by giving the real value of business. Several business processes gained their optimum potential in using the Jitterbit platform such as Talent Plus where they assigned data efficiently with the Salesforce CRM. There were faster delivery times even with the streamlined process. During the first quarter of 2014, Jitterbit acquired the largest profit in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East as Virgin Australia and Shell bought their services. Many customers experience the value of application harmony through Jitterbit cloud integration platform.

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