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Clippers Card Program Reaches Its Highest Usage Rate in History

The Clipper Card Program made history with its newest numbers for its usage rate.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released the papers and said that the transit had 20,058,055 transactions by the end of April 2014. This is a huge lift from the records in 2013 – 4.7 percent to be exact.

The participating systems in the whole transit program took so much part in creating and reaching the 20-million mark. There was also a huge participation from the added value payments. These could be the promotional transactions handed out by the commission to their daily customers.

What Really Is Behind the Clipper Card Program

Clippers Card Program Reaches Its Highest Usage Rate in HistoryThe Clipper Card Program is an effort to make the entire transportation system more accessible and more convenient. It allows all the fares, ticket values and all other loads related to the transit to be merged into one card. For those who are commuting daily, this is the easiest way to save time and even money. Not falling in line to get tickets can easily save the day.

There have been several operators who have joined the cause of this project. The San Francisco Bay Berry, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, San Francisco Muni and a whole lot more. The series of these different transportation systems have allowed passengers to enjoy their time while commuting. It is easy to say that with the card program, everything becomes accessible.

Expanding the Clipper Card Program for Better Service

The officials of the Clipper Card Program do not plan to stop on the 20-million mark. They will be working with a better program to cater to more people. It is possible that they will be inviting in more transport associations to work with them.

It was first launched in 2006. Since then, more and more people are using it. Also, more and more people are happy with the services that they get from the card program. Once, it turned out that there were 90 percent of those who were genuinely happy about it.

They are looking forward to opening more transport systems this year. They have already included 11 new names in the list. Although it’s not official, these names are coming from different systems such as ferry boat, bus and even airport.

The Clipper Card Program is a friend to all those without private cars to work on their own for a long trip. Certainly, boundaries are erased with this program. Have you tried it yet?

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