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Nancy Skinner Puts More Funds on the K-12 Program

Nancy Skinner, Assembly Budget chairman, wants to focus the funds of the public more on the K-21 Program. This is the basic education system in the country.

This is in relation to the revised edition of the budget proposed by Governor Brown. The papers were released early this May. She was quick to issue a paper with her suggestions just right on time.

Aside from the education system, she wants to put more on the debt servicing. She has been working with the commission for six years. She surely knows how this works. She added that building reserves will also play an essential role in the new budget.

Skinner Wants a More Transparent View on the Budget

Nancy Skinner Puts More Funds on the K-12 ProgramThe chairman wants a full coverage of what is happening on the budget. Clearly, transparency from all the transactions done by the government is needed. This could be the start of a huge corruption issue, so they better set the problems faster.

She is in full support of the revision and the reviews that the government wants. There has been poor management in the core areas of the society. Doing so will help them straighten things out. They could be performing better if they will look into things more objectively. Nancy Skinner also wants to see other things that were not listed in the revision.

Focusing More on the Core of the Society

There have been a lot of plans in the $2 billion budget of the government. This number could still go up because it was just recorded in January. Meanwhile, the needs of the public remain in constant increase. They will need more access to the health benefits. More hospitals, health centers and even equipment are needed to be brought out.

Also, Nancy Skinner wants better opportunities for everyone. Slowly, the opportunity gap between the rich and the poor has been drifting apart. Keeping this problem at bay will help eradicate poverty and other problems related to it.

Another thing, she wants to have savings. This is very important, especially during the rainy days. Calamities cannot be predicted so they might as well come prepared when it comes. These could be calamities in the financial sector, as well.

Nancy Skinner has announced her plans to run for the congress in the coming elections. Do you think she will succeed with these kinds of ideas in the budget planning? Should she just stay in the budget department?

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