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Mastick Meeting Not a Formal Council Meeting

Some city officials met today at Mastick Center to discuss a resiliency plan. (File photo)

Some city officials met today at Mastick Center to discuss a resiliency plan. (File photo)

Action Alameda News received an e-mail today from a reader saying that “the entire city council” was at the Mastick Senior Center, in an apparently un-noticed public meeting. City officials say, not so.

The California Ralph M. Brown Act requires that public agencies holding meetings with a quorum of officials provide, in advance, public notice the meeting and allow public participation.

Queried by e-mail on the meeting, Assistant City Manager Alex Nguyen wrote back:

If the “people” had stayed for the meeting rather than walk through it, you may have heard the following:

This was a inter-agency meeting to get interest from folks to participate in helping Alameda develop a community resilience plan.

Two (2) councilmembers attended, the Mayor [Marie Gilmore] and [Councilmember] Ms. [Lena] Tam.

Mr. Nguyen provided no other details about the agencies involved, but did commit to following up with an attendance list.

Last month, the City of Alameda lost a Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient City grant.

3 comments to Mastick Meeting Not a Formal Council Meeting

  • Marie

    It is a shame the city officials are hell-bent on doing whatever they want. They seem to prefer to keep things to themselves. How nice of them to tell us what they’ve decided is best for “people”.

  • marian

    If this was a meeting “to get interest from folks to participate”, why wasn’t it noticed to the public? Before any attendees arrived, I happened to walk in. The “Tsunami Scenario” posters were set up & the sandwiches had been delivered. There was a sign-in sheet, with names of City staff, elected officials, & various prominent “stakeholders” on it, such as: Stewart Chen, Tony Daysog, Audrey Lord-Hausman, Donna Layburn, Mike D’Orazi… If the 2 councilmen on the list are added to the 2 who Mr. Nguyen says attended, that would seem to be a problem.
    All of the available chairs were arranged around a table, and seemed to match both the number of names on the list and the number of sandwiches available. There was no seating section for the public, so how were any of the uninvited “people”=citizens of Alameda-supposed to stay for the meeting-sit on the floor?
    What does “inter-agency” mean? I flipped thru the small binder on the table next to the poster boards. It described a RAND corp. discussion/presentation “Road to Resilience”
    There is always a question as to who gets hand-picked to be on these lists, & who does the picking. The same people seem to be picked all the time & not all of them are elected. They seem to wield the unseen power behind the scenes in Alameda & determine how your tax dollars are spent & all that grant money is doled out. Our “Sunshine Commission” appears powerless to bring transparency to this business-as-usual cronyism.
    Alex Nguyen, as usual, is on the defensive…

  • FYI – Alex Nguyen did provide the attendance list – see the link – but he has not yet provided copies of the sign-in sheet, which I requested after he sent the attendance list…

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