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Assembly Members Announce Legislation Over Shooting Incident

Sacramento, California – Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), together with Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), California State Assembly members, made an announcement of legislation today.

It aims to help in preventing mass killings similar to the tragic rampage this weekend in Isla Vista, close to UC Santa Barbara. Six students died in the incident.

The legislation which has been proposed is going to make a restraining order in gun violence. This will lead to the establishment of a system where intimate partners, family members or friends may inform the authorities of a person displaying propensities of committing violence towards other people or even themselves.

Skinner’s Explanation

Assembly Members Announce Legislation Over Shooting IncidentAccording to Skinner, if a person is involved in a crisis, the ones closest to these people are usually the first ones to see the warning signs. However, there is almost nothing people can do to get their guns back or to avoid purchasing more. As she continued, she said that parents, such as the mother that tried to get involved, deserve some effective instrument they can use to avoid such kind of tragedies.

Under the current law, the notification of law enforcement may be done by therapists if their clients are prone to committing any violent act. This way, authorities may perform investigations over the person. Law enforcement may also prevent that individual from owning or purchasing firearms.

As said by Williams, the incident which took place in Isla Vista should not be associated with the failure of gun laws. It is, rather, a tragic example showing that laws in mental health and gun control do not work well together.

Possible Intervention

The legislation proposed is going to grant the authority to friends, intimate partners and concerned relatives, making a system of intervention and will probably hinder them from purchasing firearms and eliminate the firearms which they already possess. Law enforcement is going to hold the power to perform investigations over the threats. In addition, a judge may be asked to grant orders prohibiting the possession and purchase of firearms.

Most incidents which involve individuals in crisis, no mechanism limiting firearm access exists while the person is receiving or seeking the help he needs, such as treatment for substance abuse, counseling for mental health, as well as anger management.

Members of the family can call the authorities for the intervention. On the other hand, as evidenced by the response of law enforcement to the call of the mother involving her concerns regarding the incident’s shooter, if a crime has not been proven to be committed, there is nothing the authorities can do to prevent the purchase and possession of firearms.

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