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Parks Department Introduces STEM Program for Underprivileged Youth

The City of Alameda Recreation and Parks Department, working with a parents organization out of Berkeley, is introducing a combined sports and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program for underprivileged East Bay youth.

The parks department, working with BallPoppers, plans to offer 100 full and partial scholarships for fifth, sixth and seventh graders, that will allow them to attend a five-Saturday summer basketball and education program.

The basketball component focuses on fundamental skills development, and features multicultural guest speakers who will emphasize the importance of sports participation and encourage students to pursue careers in sports and technology fields.

On the BallPoppers website, CEO Mable Yee notes that, “Current statistics show that of all jobs in technology today, only 7% are held by Latinos, 8% by African Americans, 12% by Women and 15% by Asians. That means the majority of the lucrative and exciting careers in technology are not held by multicultural communities.”

The group says it emphasizes STEM training to help the United States maintain global science and technology leadership.

The summer camp runs for three Saturdays in July, and another two in August, at the Boys & Girls Club gym on Third street.

Economically challenged youth may apply for scholarships; the full-rate fee for the camp is $200.

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