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Neptune Point Not Nonsense

Dear Editor,

I watched Tuesday night’s (July 15th) City Council meeting on the tape recording. Go to 4:59:04 on the tape…at that point our City Manager John Russo just finishes up his comments to some of the members of the council telling them about how hard they had worked that night on all the issues presented to them. Russo then said, “Dealing with the Neptune Point NONSENSE that got put on.”

I can only assume (my opinion) that it is Mr. Russo’s opinion that the Crown Point issue is “NONSENSE.” I guess that Mr Russo must take us (the concerned citizens) that worked so hard on the Crown Point issue as a bunch of fools! Again this is just my personal opinion after listening to Mr Russo’s comment through an open mic.

I, as a life long citizen of Alameda, expect the elected officials and paid employees (i.e. City Manager) to take my concerns as well as the concerns of ALL the citizens of Alameda seriously. I didn’t expect the citizen’s concerns to be taken as “NONSENSE.”

— Dennis Laine, Alameda

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