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Estuary Park Concept on City Council Agenda Tonight

Among the items that Alameda City Council will consider tonight after the August hiatus is an update on a conceptual plan to remake Estuary Park, which is tucked in between warehouse buildings on Alameda’s north shore and the former Coast Guard North Housing site on Singleton and Mosley Avenues just east of the Main Street ferry terminal.

Previously used by the U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard, the park is currently eight acres of fields that have fallen into disrepair.

Verde Design, a landscape design firm in Santa Clara, California, has now come up with makeover design for the park.

According to the staff report to city council, “the 4-acres on the west side [of Estuary Park] will be dedicated to athletic fields including one synthetic baseball diamond prioritized for special needs youth plus one lighted synthetic turf rectangular field for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and football.”

That would make for Alameda’s first lighted multi-use sports field, something local sports boosters have long clamored for.

The eastern half of the park would be designed as a community park with playgrounds for children toddler-age through twelve; it would include picnic areas, basketball courts and a dog park.

Construction costs for just the first phase are estimated at $3.35 million, with $2.56 million identified and budgeted in the Recreation and Park Department’s capital improvement account.

That leaves city staffers to find an additional $790,000 to start the project.

The Recreation and Parks Department expects that Estuary Park, when complete, will serve 165,000 visitors each year.

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