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Daniel Davenport voted as Nea Governing Board parent member for 2014-2016

Dear Editor,

“It takes a village to raise a child.” That concept drives my participation in educational governing decisions at Nea Community Learning Center.

My vision is to increase empowerment of the Nea Governing Board. Last night at a Nea Governing Board meeting I explained that the front line parent, student, teachers, and community representatives are sometimes in a better position to make budget judgement calls for student achievement compared to the back office charter management officials. I communicated that I wanted the board to pursue by-law changes to increase their power whether or not they vote me in.

I did my best to be knowledgeable, audacious, confident, and transparent. It was a serious matter, but I had fun with it. Sometimes it felt a little awkward communicating to the board, parents, students, and Charter Management Organization (CMO) employee, Dr. Wilczek, my intentions to expand the Nea Governing Board’s impact on approved budgets, but I did it.

Currently Nea’s CMO, Community Learning Center Schools, administers strict control of the school budget. The vision I am pursuing includes strong buy-in from teachers, students, and parents; a win-win, where our recommendations are supported by our CMO. The money is there, and the children want it for their student achievement goals.

Thanks to all our supporters. Thanks to the board for voting for me.

— Daniel Davenport, Alameda

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