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Alameda Hospital Integration Apparently Complete

The integration of Alameda Hospital into Alameda Health System is apparently complete.. (Google Street View)

The integration of Alameda Hospital into Alameda Health System is apparently complete. (Google Street View)

At 12:01 in the morning, on May 1st of this year, Alameda Hospital officially joined the publicly-run Alameda Health System with the overnight change of its hospital license. The transition period, forecasted to take several months, is apparently complete.

A public relations spokesperson for the $600 million health care system responded to an Action Alameda News inquiry about the transition, but provided no direct answers to the questions of whether the transition is complete or ongoing, and whether there is any transition work remaining to be done.

A local parcel tax that generates $6 million annually for the City of Alameda Health Care District remains in place – a condition of the Alameda Health System affiliation – and four candidates are vying for three seats on that body’s board.

Deborah Stebbins, formerly the CEO of Alameda Hospital, remains in place as Interim Chief Administrative Officer for Alameda Hospital with a $328,550 per annum compensation package.

Hospital was on its Deathbed
Alameda Hospital needed the affiliation with the larger healthcare system in order to survive.

According to the Alameda Health System spokesperson, “the affiliation has ensured continuation of emergency services for residents on the island. In addition, inpatient, outpatient, and long term care will continue within the Alameda community. As a member of a broader network, residents now have enhanced access to specialty care. Alameda Health System is also supporting Alameda Hospital with new technology, facility improvements, and funding to comply with state seismic mandates.”

Looking forward, the spokesperson told Action Alameda News, “specialty services will continue at the Kate Creedon Center for Advanced Wound Care and the Bay Area Bone and Joint Center orthopedic clinic. In addition, rehabilitation and skilled nursing care will remain at Water’s Edge and South Shore near the acute hospital campus. Outpatient surgeries are increasing to meet demand, and Alameda Healthy System is evaluating expansion of geriatric and orthopedic services.”

The hospital, she said, provides more than 700 jobs and purchases goods and services from area businesses.

According to an Alameda Hospital update provided to the board in August by Stebbins, hospital leadership are in the process of introducing a new logo and brand identity, which will be distinct among facilities within Alameda Health System, yet be more contemporary than the current logo, and reflect “the character of the Alameda community and its regard for the Hospital.”

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