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Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Battery in Alameda

A driver for the Uber ride-sharing service is under investigation by Alameda police for the alleged sexual battery of a female passenger in Alameda early yesterday morning.

The alleged sexual battery, a misdemeanor, took place at around 2:30 a.m. yesterday, Lieutenant Jill Ottaviano of the Alameda Police Department told Action Alameda News. The victim, a woman, went to the police department to report it later that day.

Lt. Ottaviano said that the man has been contacted, and that the beat officer investigating the allegations expects to have his report wrapped up and forwarded to the Alameda County District Attorney’s office tomorrow for possible charging.

“We’ve taken his statement, and her statement,” she said.

Action Alameda News is not identifying the woman, or the man, who has neither been arrested nor charged yet.

Generally, in California, police officers cannot make arrests for a misdemeanor offense unless they directly witness it.

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