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Alameda County Auto Theft Task Force Shuts Down Oakland Chop Shop

Task force officers at chop shop scene. (California Highway Patrol)

Task force officers at chop shop scene. (California Highway Patrol)

The Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force (ACRATT) has shut down an auto chop shop and vehicle identification number (VIN) operation in Oakland, and arrested two.

The task force consists of members from the California Highway Patrol, Alameda Sheriff’s Department, Oakland Police Department, Alameda County Probation Department and National Insurance Crime Bureau.

At about 8am on Tuesday, task force officers, along with CHP officers from the Golden Gate Division Foreign Export Auto Recovery (FEAR) Team, conducted a probation search at an Oakland address.

Officers arrested Santos Avalos, Jr., 25, Oakland, for violation of probation, four felony counts of possession of a stolen vehicle, one felony count of owning or operating a chop shop and four felony counts of switching a vehicle identification number.

Juan Avalos, 20, Oakland, was arrested for violation of probation, a felony count of auto theft, one felony count of possession of a stolen vehicle and one felony count of switching a vehicle identification number.

Both were booked into the Alameda County Sheriff’s North County Jail.

Officers recovered five stolen vehicles with switched VINs, tools and other evidence.

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