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Alameda Police Department Dismisses Ticket Issued to Veteran for Sleeping in Van

A copy of the citation cancellation form.

A copy of the citation cancellation form.

The Alameda Police Department has dismissed a citation issued in July to a Aaron Colyer, a U.S. service veteran who was sleeping in his van overnight out of homelessness.

Aaron Colyer, of no fixed address at the time of the citation in late July, but in his van in Alameda, vowed to fight the ticket, which he did, hiring local defense attorney Barbara Thomas.

He asserted that he was essentially ticketed for being homeless, and argued that homelessness is being criminalized in the United States.

Late last month, Thomas filed a detailed pleading with the court, asking for the citation to be dismissed and asking the court to force the City of Alameda to withdraw the applicable ordinance.

Today, Colyer forwarded to Action Alameda News a copy of the Alameda Police Department citation amendment form filed with the court, asking for the citation to be dismissed “in the interest of justice.”

Thomas and Colyer were set to appear in court on October 10th, World Homeless Day.

Colyer told Action Alameda News that he is “happy for a victory for the homeless,” and that he may continue with a march planned for October 10th that was set to end at the courthouse, whereupon he would have entered the building for his hearing.

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