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Spencer Still Ahead in Mayoral Race

Updated: Sun. Nov. 9th, 5:45pm –Updated unofficial vote counts posted to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters website show Spencer’s lead widening to 127 votes. 10,243 for Spencer and 10,116 votes for Gilmore.
Updated vote counts from the Registrar of Voters office show Alameda Mayoral challenger Trish Spencer still leading Mayor Marie Gilmore by 58 votes.

Gilmore had closed a gap of 287 votes from election night as the registrar counted additional vote-by-mail and provisional ballots through the week.

A volunteer with Spencer’s campaign told Action Alameda News that both Spencer and Gilmore had attorneys on-hand at the registrar’s office today as they observed the votes being counted.

If the gap closes much more without tipping the scales in Gilmore’s favor, Alameda voters may be put through a recount.

According to a guide on the Alameda County Registrar of Voters website, any voter willing to pay for it may request a recount, and must file a request for a recount within five days of the certification of election results, typically 28 days after the election.

As of election night, 13,265 mayoral votes, excluding write-ins, were counted and as of 5pm this evening, 19,496 have been counted, excluding write-ins, with Spencer garnering 9,777 and Gilmore 9,719.

It’s unclear at this point how many, if any, more Alameda ballots there are to be counted.

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