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Marie Gilmore Concedes Alameda Mayoral Race

At an 11am press conference this morning, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore conceded the mayoral re-election to challenger Trish Spencer.

(Raw video by Adam Gillitt…)

8 comments to Marie Gilmore Concedes Alameda Mayoral Race

  • carol

    Somebody should cable Ann Marie Gallant..this will make her day!

  • Allison Martin

    Volunteer? Isn’t Mayor a paid position?

  • There is a nominal stipend on the order of $50 per meeting for all council members but no salary.

    Note that Alameda is different from Oakland – in Alameda the Mayor is basically a council member with some additional duties like chairing council meetings. The mayor is not an executive who runs the city – that’s the city manager.

  • carol

    Doesn’t the Mayor get her health insurance paid for by the City? Her family too?

  • All the councilmembers get health benefits.

    They Mayor is basically a glorified councilmember. Not an executive, not a CEO. The Mayor gets the privilege of appointing commission members, chairing meetings, and attending ribbon cuttings. That’s about it.

  • carol

    Health benefits are not chump change. Probably more than $10,000 per year. How long do councilmembers get to keep their benefits once out of office?

  • But even with $10K a year in health benefits – and no salary – does that make a councilmember a volunteer? Or an employee? Is it stretching the truth for a councilmember to call themselves a volunteer?

  • barbara

    Sen. Diane Feinstein had the bill giving Alameda back the base for the $1.00 paid by they Navy, on her desk since the base closed due to efforts of Mayor Chuck Corica. The only hang-up was the City Council and SUNCAL.

    The reason fire and police can contribute more, is that they make more than other departments. The Mayor gets an extra $250 per month above council salary. When the City’s first charter was adopted, the Mayor and City Manager made about the same.

    The City Manager’s salary has increased from $3000 to $300,000 plus benefits, while the Mayor’s has stayed the same. This leaves our City to be run by highly paid staff with NO ALLEGIANCE to ALAMEDA who commute the other way.

    They are free to devilope (intentional) Alameda to gridlock before moving on to their next victim city. An alternative would be to elect our City Manager and the City Attorney. At least that way they would have to be residents.