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East Bay Bike Party Causes a Stir in Alameda

East Bay Bike Party participants ride down Shoreline Drive in Alameda. (Instragram: riseyp/Marise Phillips)

East Bay Bike Party participants ride down Shoreline Drive in Alameda. (Instagram: riseyp/Marise Phillips)

A monthly mass bicycle ride billed as fun for all ages rolled through Alameda on Friday evening with amplified music setting off a flurry of complaints and calls to Alameda police.

Organizers of the East Bay Bike Party, which met on Friday at Fruitvale BART station and then proceeded through Alameda, said the theme for this month was Mister Rogers of “Misters Rogers Neighborhood,” the children’s television series, and that, “As more and more people join us on our monthly ride, the less-than-stellar behavior of “the few” becomes more and more prominent to residents. As part of our “How We Ride” ethic, we always strive to minimize the impact of those folks because, like it or not, they bring a negative reputation to our ride, and we don’t want that.”

But amplified music from the ride could be heard from inside houses the next street over as the ride progressed west on Central Avenue after 8pm, and several people took to Alameda-focused Facebook groups to complain about the noise and behavior of the participants.

While several people defended the ride on the Facebook group “Alameda Peeps” and at least one person described East Bay Bike Party participants as inclusive and respectful, another wrote, “They weren’t very respectful to me when they almost ran me over crossing the street then yelling ‘f*** you’ to me and my dog. Per the bike party rules no one scolded the s***head people who did it. Rules mean nothing to me if fellow participants don’t do anything to stop people breaking them.”

Another Alameda resident wrote, “Yes they rode by about 10:15-10:30 beer in hand smoking weed and again at 10:45 it woke lots of people up and no cop drove by at all.”

Today, by e-mail, Lt. Jill Ottaviano, public information officer for the Alameda Police Department, told Action Alameda News, “there were many calls [about the ride] according to the Dispatch Supervisor, the number not known without reviewing every call which would take some time. I don’t believe there were any citations issued, but will confirm Monday. Apparently there was a group of about 500-600 people who were generally well behaved and cleaned up after themselves.”

The bike party runs the second Friday of each month and usually meets at 7:30pm at an East Bay BART station.

(Video from Instagram: riseyp/Marise Phillips)

#BikeParty riding down our street #alameda

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5 comments to East Bay Bike Party Causes a Stir in Alameda

  • TomK

    Out of a group of activists there are some horse’s behinds. Big surprise that.

    There isn’t one single ride I EVER go on in which I don’t have cars frying to brush me off of the road. Some at speeds considerably above the speed limits and even in front of police with NO actions by those police. Should I use that as an example of all drivers or police?

  • Tom – I don’t see anyone using the behavior of a few cyclists at EBBP on Friday night as an example of all cyclists.

    What I do see is some residents complaining about the noise, and complaining about the behavior of some cyclists that contradicted the stated spirit of the ride.

  • cfg

    I was in the upstairs back of my house on Grand when I was disturbed by loud booming amplified music. Usually it’s just some jerk with an over-amped car stereo & sub-woofers in the trunk. But when it didn’t stop or fade away in the time it takes for a light to change, I went downstairs to see what it was. It was dozens of cyclists towing amplified boom boxes behind their bicycles. They took more than a half-hour to finish passing by my house [they all had to stop at the traffic light at Grand/Encinal. I’m glad I didn’t have to go anywhere during that time because no cars could use the street. I could not have pulled away from the curb.

    They were, simply, a huge safety hazard. Why do they have to do this at night, making it even more dangerous? They weren’t just in the street, they were all over the sidewalks. You couldn’t even walk your dog safely. I didn’t call the police, but I don’t blame the folks who did.

    In the future, this cycle group should be prohibited from carrying amplified music. And they should have to get a permit from the police. It’s a perfect cover for smash & grab thieves, whose noise wouldn’t be heard above the din.

  • Sam

    OMG, smash and grab, really CFG, stop the paranoia. I know Alameda has tons of smash and grabs, but this wasn’t a cover for it…I understand how the noise could have disturbed you on a Friday night at 9pm, but lets not go overboard. I know for a fact they did not have “dozens of cyclists towing amplified boom boxes,” only three or four.

  • Karen

    Looks like fun. I heard it – so what? The noise lasted just a few minutes.