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Deadline for Measure H Commercial Refunds Approaching

Commercial property owners who want a refund on Measure H parcel tax payments to the Alameda Unified School District need to move quickly.

According to a statement sent to the media today by the district, the deadline for commercial property owners to submit refund claims is four years from the date of payment.

“Measure H was in effect from 2008 to March, 2011, which means that commercial property owners who paid property taxes in late 2010 and/or 2011 and want a refund should file for a refund as soon as possible,” read the statement.

A group of commercial property owners filed suit against the district, asserting that Measure H was illegal because it levied different charges on residential and commercial property.

The group ultimately succeeded in having part of the measure invalidated by the courts, leading to a refund for commercial property owners.

Refund forms are available on the school district’s website. Only commercial property owners who paid more than $120 per year in Measure H taxes are eligible for a refund.

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