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Poll: Was it Right to Close All the Schools?

The strong winds forecasted for Thursday’s storm did not materialize in Alameda, and although there was some localized flooding reported in various intersections and neighborhoods throughout town, there appears to have been no mass power outages or other significant event in Alameda due to the storm.

Alameda Unified School District classes resume on Friday, and there will be no make-up day scheduled.

With the benefit of hindsight, did local schools do the right thing by closing for the day?

  • Yes (68%, 21 Votes)
  • No (32%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 31

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3 comments to Poll: Was it Right to Close All the Schools?

  • Dennis

    The schools should not have been closed. I was born and raised in Alameda living here all of my life. I’m 70 years old and during my lifetime have never seen the schools closed due to weather. In the early 1950’s, there many storms worse than this one. Living in the West End the streets would flood and we went to school anyway. Walking, not riding in a car. We managed to survive.
    Marin county and those counties north get much more rain than Alameda and have other weather related problems that Alameda doesn’t have. Their schools should be closed! Santa Cruz county has the same problems as Marin.
    And whats this business about no makeup day? I doubt that the State will pay the AUSD for today’s closure. AUSD is always crying about $$$$$, oh, I forgot AUSD just got a big influx of $$$$$ from the last election! I suppose that ALL the employees of AUSD were off today. Who is going to foot the bill for that? Of course, the suckers, I mean the taxpayers will !
    Piedmont, Dublin, Emeryville, Livermore, Pleasanton and Sunol schools were scheduled to be open (as of yesterday,PM) . Apparently these Districts felt that education was more important than the children getting a little wet.
    Should the parents feel that it is to dangerous for their children to go to school. That’s, THEIR decision, not some Administrators. No one will fault the parents.
    I partially blame the media for this episode. They seem to lump Alameda in with the rest of the Bay Area. Alameda is not the same, for some reason Alameda seems to be affected differently by bad weather.

  • I believe the main concern was perhaps keeping roadways less congested in the event that the storm became a worse case scenario stuation. In addition, long term power outages are a real problem in contrast with the past, as schools are more than ever dependent on electricity/technology and also the fact that now many faculty no longer live locally and commute in from far distances. I think a lot of people are gripeing and rolling their eyes in hindsight when they ought to be thankful the worst did not materialize and be glad that sane planning and a “better safe than sorry” strategy prevailed. Hurricane Katrina is a tragic example of what underestimation and inaction can lead to when mother nature is taken too lightly..