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Last Minute Vote on Del Monte Project on Tuesday

City Council will hold a last minute approval vote on the Del Monte project on Tuesday, the 16th. (File photo)

City Council will hold a last minute approval vote on the Del Monte project on Tuesday, the 16th. (File photo)

Updated:2:40pm, Dec. 15th – City Clerk Lara Weisiger sent this e-mail: “The special meeting starts at 5:00 p.m. and the Del Monte and other items will be considered. The regular meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and the current Council will say their goodbyes, then, the swearing in of newly elected officials takes place at 8:00 p.m.”

Updated: 6:50pm, Dec. 12th –The City of Alameda’s website provides conflicting information. One webpage indicates all items to be considered start at 7pm at a regular council meeting. A separate PDF document suggests there is a 5pm special council meeting wherein the Del Monte project will be considered, and the 7pm meeting is wrap-up for exiting councilmembers.

In a last-minute vote, Alameda City Council is expected to give final approval on Tuesday evening for a controversial 380 unit housing redevelopment of the former Del Monte warehouse on Buena Vista Avenue.

At a council meeting scheduled to start at 7pm, just one hour before the terms of Mayor Marie Gilmore and Councilmembers Lena Tam and Stewart Chen are set to expire, council will consider an ordinance and development agreement that would give Tim Lewis communities the go-ahead for the project.

Since the November election, the sitting council has proven reluctant to defer or delay development project votes until Mayor-elect Trish Spencer and Councilmember-elect Frank Matarrese have been sworn in.

Both candidates ran a fall campaign based on a slower-growth agenda than that advocated by the current administration in city hall.

Spencer, Matarrese and Jim Oddie, a Councilmember-elect more aligned with Gilmore, Tam and Chen, are expected to be sworn-in at around 8pm that same night, the time at which the city charter says that terms begin.

The project has been controversial because, although many residents in the nearby neighborhood support the rehabilitation of the old warehouse, others have raised concerns about the number of units and potential oversubscription of street parking spaces in the area.

4 comments to Last Minute Vote on Del Monte Project on Tuesday

  • Dennis

    Actually this will be voted on at a SPECIAL Council Meeting, which will begin at 5:00pm. NOT at the Regular meeting that is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm.. BOTH meetings are on Tuesday Dec. 16th…

  • Dennis

    The Alameda Sun published an article on the front page, which gives the impression that the vote would take place during the regular City Council (7:00pm) meeting. Also on the 2nd page, under Council Meetings, only the 7:00pm regular meeting is listed, not the Special Council Meeting at 5:00pm…..

  • Dennis

    So what meeting is it going to be voted on? I’m confused, as it is listed as item 2-C Bills for Ratification , on both the 5:00 pm meeting and the 7:00pm meeting!

    SPECIAL MEETING – CITY COUNCIL – 5:00 P.M. Pledge of Allegiance
    1 Roll Call – City Council
    2 Consent Calendar – Items are routine and will be approved by one motion unless removal is requested by the Council or the public
    2-A 2014-1132
    2-B 2014-1133
    2-C 2014-1135
    Minutes of the Special City Council Meeting, the Special Joint City Council and Successor Agency to the Community Improvement Commission Meeting and the Regular City Council Meeting Held on November 18, 2014. (City Clerk)
    Bills for Ratification. (Finance)
    Attachments: Bills for Ratification
    Final Passage of Ordinance Adopting the Del Monte Warehouse Master Plan and Density Bonus Application for Redevelopment and Adaptive Reuse of the Property Located at the Northeast Corner of the Intersection of Sherman Street and Buena Vista Avenue; and
    Final Passage of Ordinance Approving Development Agreement By and Between the City of Alameda and TL Partners, I, LP Governing the Del Monte Warehouse Project for Real Property Located at the Northeast Corner of the Intersection of Sherman Street and Buena Vista Avenue. (Community Development 481001)

    Seem’s to me that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Or maybe they DO know what they are doing after all. Apparently everyone thinks that the vote will be taken during the 7:00pm meeting. And are going to find out that it was already a done deal at 5:00pm! The official City online Calender did NOT have the Special meeting listed until 4:00pm yesterday, after I pointed out the omission to the City Clerks office earlier in the morning. Something is definitely wrong with this whole scenario………..