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Raiders Escort Through Alameda Not Us, Alameda Police Chief Says

Alameda police say they weren't escorting the Oakland Raiders on a severe storm day. (Screen capture from Oakland Raiders website)

Alameda police say they weren’t escorting the Oakland Raiders on a severe storm day. (Screen capture from Oakland Raiders website)

Alameda police did not provide a five-car escort to help navigate the Oakland Raiders to an indoor practice yesterday, a day that schools were closed and people stayed home from work due to severe weather warnings.

Reports surfaced yesterday morning on an Alameda-focused Facebook group that police were closing intersections in Alameda and escorting three buses to the Bladium at Alameda Point for an indoor practice; the Raiders’ practice field on Bay Farm Island was apparently flooded.

The report caused consternation among some quarters on Facebook, with people asking why police were escorting the football team during the worst storm so far this year.

Initial reports said it was Alameda police squad cars providing the escort, but, not so, said Alameda Police Chief Paul Rolleri.

“It wasn’t Alameda police, and I have no idea who it was,” Rolleri told Action Alameda News by e-mail. “[Deputy City Manager] Alex Nguyen actually saw the cars entering Alameda Point, and called to ask me about it. I didn’t know what it was or that the Raiders were involved until I received your email.”

A spokesperson for the Alameda County Sheriff’s department said the cars definitely weren’t theirs, explaining, “our cars our blue, not black and white.”

As of press time, an Oakland Raiders media relations contact had not responded to a voice mail yesterday requesting confirmation of the escort. This morning, the team’s website includes video of the indoor practice.

One source contacted through Facebook who said she saw the entourage confirmed it was Oakland police providing the escort.

As of press time, Oakland Police media relations spokespersons had not responded to voice mails or e-mails requesting confirmation.

Action Alameda News tried reaching out to both Oakland police and the Raiders via Twitter, but there has been no response to those queries either.

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