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School Board Candidate Profile: Sherice Youngblood

Sherice Youngblood, shown here with her daughter, has applied for the vacant seat on the Alameda school board. (Courtesy photo.)

Sherice Youngblood, shown here with her daughter, has applied for the vacant seat on the Alameda school board. (Courtesy photo.)

In December, the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) announced that it was accepting applications from candidates looking to fill the the seat on the Board of Trustees vacated by Trish Spencer when she became mayor. The deadline for applications is January 9th, and the school board is slated to select a new board member on January 22nd. One applicant to date is Sherice Youngblood.

Ms. Youngblood is profiled here.

Why do you want to be on the Board of Trustees?
My hope is to provide fresh ideals, a community voice and most importantly a direct voice for all children in the school district including those attending charter schools. It’s my belief that the school board’s role is to partner with teachers, parents and the community to ensure success for all children. I also believe information should be transparent, and evaluated using a community process that recognizes parents, students, and teachers.

Do you have children attending Alameda schools?
I currently have a 3rd grader and an 11th grader attending AUSD schools, and a 7th grader with an Alameda charter school.

What makes you qualified to sit on the board?
My children’s experiences with the school district has ranged from absolutely wonderful to difficult, requiring advocacy on my part. I believe these experiences in addition to my work with various PTSA functions, the Measure A campaign and subsequent appointment to the Measure A committee in addition to my seat on the governing board of the charter school will provide a rich base of knowledge for AUSD’s Board.

I also believe my social services background and executive level experiences in the nonprofit sector will serve as an asset to the board. This includes experiences working with union contracts, recruitment, retention, and fiscal responsibility.

What is your professional background?
I have 15+ years of experience in my field. I am licensed through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as an associate clinical social worker. I have a masters degree in social work from San Francisco State University, and a bachelors degree in sociology, with an emphasis on social work, from California State University East Bay.

1 comment to School Board Candidate Profile: Sherice Youngblood

  • Liza G. Morse

    Tomorrow will be the first special meeting for the AUSD Board of Education seat vacated by Trish Spencer when she became mayor of Alameda and it will be held at 6 pm on January 22 in Island High School’s gymnasium. At that meeting, candidates will have a chance to give personal statements, and community members will be able to provide public comments. Board members will then select their top candidates for the position.
    Because of the number of applicants, the board plans to hold two special meetings, both to give board members a chance to interview the candidates and to give the public ample opportunity to comment on the applicants.

    Sherice Weaver-Youngblood has applied for this seat. Sherice is currently an associate clinical social worker licensed through the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She received her BA in sociology with an emphasis in social work from CSUEB and a master’s degree in social work from SF State University. She has the education and professional experience that can benefit our school system and really help the students that need the most assistance.

    Sherice’s middle name is community involvement. She is currently the committee member for Measure “A” Oversight (Alameda Unified School District), a board member at Academy of Alameda Charter School, E-Scrip/Lucky Shares Chair at Encinal High School and Academy of Alameda and an advisory board member at the Lotus Bloom Family Resource Center. She currently has a 3rd grader and an 11th grader attending AUSD schools, and a 7th grader with an Alameda charter school. We need a board member that support all kids in Alameda regardless if they are in Charter or AUSD schools. We know that she will be fair in her decision-making for the greater good.

    Sherice grew up in Bayview-Hunters Point in San Francisco. Her life experiences have led her to dedicate her life in helping those that are most in need. Her passion in life has provided hope and has been an inspiration to many of us.

    Since we no longer have a double-minority member on the board, we need a member that has relevant education, professional experience and actual real life experiences that can truly understand our socioeconomic students and their struggles. From what I can remember from my K-12 years in the AUSD school system, that we had never had an African-American woman as a member of the AUSD school board. What a wonderful role model she will be for all our students and it would be a historic moment in Alameda.

    Lastly, the district continues to encourage letters of support sent directly to the sitting board members (The information is listed below). Please join us in supporting Sherice by sending letters to the AUSD Board.

    Thank you for your support!

    Barbara Kahn
    510-521-0529 Fax

    Solana Henneberry
    Vice President
    510-521-0529 Fax

    Gary K. Lym
    Board Clerk
    510-298-1280 Direct
    510-337-7187 Main
    510-521-0529 Fax

    Niel Tam
    510-521-0529 Fax

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