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Man Arrested at Gunpoint after Car Stop in Alameda

Updated: Jan 15, 1:30pm – Alameda police provided this statement, “An officer received an ALPR hit in her vehicle when driving in the 1500 block of Lincoln Ave. on a stolen car that was going eastbound in the 1500 block Lincoln Ave. The car was stolen from Oakland. A felony vehicle stop was made in accordance with our policy and a person was arrested without incident and the car recovered.”

Updated: Jan 15, 2:01pm – Grant Butterfield followed-up to his video with this explanation, “Driving north on Chestnut to stop at Lincoln looked left and saw what turned out to be the perpetrators car coming east at a non Alameda rate of speed with one of those new SUV vehicles hot on it. Dude pulled over right in front of me with, as you can see, that SUV right there. Lady cop exits SUV and immediately draws her very impressive hand gun. Second squad arrives with the short round cop coming to the passenger side of the SUV weapon drawn. No movement yet. Third car arrives with the officer in civilian clothes. He enters the scene weapon drawn with the fourth officer arriving shortly after that with the long gun shown in the video. They now get the guy to exit the car hands way up. They get him to pull his black hooded shirt up over his head and turn a 360.”

Alameda police arrested a man at gunpoint today, at Lincoln Avenue and Chestnut Street, apparently after a car stop.”

Details are still pending from Alameda police, but Grant Butterfield captured the police action and provided this raw video below:

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