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Poll: Should Alameda Landlords Pass School Tax Bond Costs Directly on to Tenants?

Last November, Alameda voters approved a $180 million school tax bond measure that will show up on property tax bills later this year. Also, in recent months, there has been spirited debate in Alameda about rising rents and whether or not there is a need for a local rent control ordinance to protect tenants against large rent increases.

Should Alameda landlords pass the school tax bond directly on to tenants, no matter how large the increase?

  • Yes, of course. Everyone in society benefits when schools are well-funded. (59%, 45 Votes)
  • No. Tenants should always be protected against large rent increases. (41%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 76

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1 comment to Poll: Should Alameda Landlords Pass School Tax Bond Costs Directly on to Tenants?

  • Lifelong Alameda resident, renter, and parent of two homeschooled children here.
    I work as a cook and in my industry, the wages have remained stagnant for 20 years. Meanwhile, the cost of EVERYTHING has gone up. No longer do I dream of owning my own house or car, now I dream of not ending up homeless on the streets! Why should I pay for Alameda schools? Make the parents of children currently enrolled foot the bill. Or how about the school administrators with their huge salaries? No. Of course the poor will end up paying for it.

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