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AUSD Students With Vaccination Exemptions Total 139

Data from the school district shows that 139 students have vaccination exemptions. (File Photo)

Data from the school district shows that 139 students have vaccination exemptions. (File Photo)

Data provided by the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) shows that 139 enrolled students, or around 1 percent of total enrollment, have vaccination exemptions.

The school district provided the data in response to an Action Alameda News public records request. (The district provided a summary table that totaled 93 students, however, a check of this sum revealed the total to be 139.)

The first grade has the most exemptions on file, with 33 exemptions, followed by the second grade with 16. The district did not distinguish between exemptions for medical reasons and exemptions for religious or personal beliefs.

0 (TK/K)11
18 (Pre-K/receiving ST, OT, etc.)2

Last week, AUSD released a letter to the media from Kelly Lara, Director, Student Services encouraging parents and guardians of vaccinated children to get them vaccinated against the measles as soon as possible.

As of February 4th, the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) has confirmed 6 cases of measles within the county, and four are associated with the Disneyland exposure. According to the department’s website, 4 measles cases were confirmed in all of 2014.

Also as of that date, 99 cases of measles have been confirmed in California, 65 of them with a link to Disneyland parks or other confirmed cases.

California Senators Richard Pan and Ben Allen have announced that they plan to introduce legislation to end the personal beliefs exemption in response to the current measles outbreak.

Richard Pan is a pediatrician who, in 2012, authored a measure that requires parents speak with a licensed health care practitioner about the potential impacts, before requesting an exemption.

Addendum: As of February 9th, the California Department of Public Health reported 107 cases of measles in California.

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