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Alameda Point Developer Requests Waiver from Measure A

The developer of a planned 800-unit site at Alameda Point is requesting a waiver from Measure A.

The developer of a planned 800-unit site at Alameda Point is requesting a waiver from Measure A.

The City of Alameda Planning Board will hear a report tonight on a planned 800-unit housing development for Alameda Point – so-called “Site A” – for which Alameda Point Partners, the selected developer, is requesting an exemption from Measure A, a city charter amendment that limits housing density within Alameda.

In a letter to Jennifer Ott, Chief Operating Officer for Alameda Point, City of Alameda, Joe Ernst of Alameda Point Partners, writes that Alameda Municipal Code section 30-53, which prohibits the construction of multifamily housing units, “would have the effect of physically precluding the construction of 800 units on Site A.”

Under California state law, and the City of Alameda’s density bonus ordinance, Ernst writes, the developer’s proposed project qualifies for density bonuses, incentives, concessions and waivers from local development standards.

In a blog post Robert Sullwold, husband of one-time Alameda city council candidate Jane Sullwold, writes that while SunCal, in 2010, took Measure A head-on and asked voters to approve a ballot initiative that would waive it for that developer’s plans for Alameda Point, in this case, Alameda Point Partners and city staff have taken a “more circuitous route” to get around the charter amendment.

Without the waiver, Sullwold writes, Alameda Point Partners would normally be limited to 265 units plus an additional 93 – far short of 800 the City of Alameda designated for the site – based on a nominal Measure A-compliant 21 dwelling units per acre.

The planned 800 units on 18.49 acres results in an overall density of 43.27 units per acre, Sullwold says.

Sullwold told Action Alameda News, “It looks like it’s legal, but it’s not democratic. I agree with John Knox White [who sits on the Planning Board] – whether or not Measure A is waived for Alameda Point is a question that should be put to the voters.”

In its letter, Alameda Point Partners says that under its plan, “twenty five percent (25%) of our housing units will be restricted to be affordable for very-low-, low-, and moderate income households, including 6% very-low-, 10% low-, and 9% moderate income households.”

The developer also says it is not asking for any financial incentives or concessions.

The Planning Board meeting starts at 7pm tonight in City Council chambers at Alameda City Hall.

1 comment to Alameda Point Developer Requests Waiver from Measure A

  • Andrew W

    Anytime waivers are requested it makes me think someone is trying to skirt the rules made exactly for what they are trying to get around.