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Police Activity at Edison School

What follows below is the text, in its entirety, of an Alameda Police Department community alert via the Nixle system…

Today at 11:58 a.m., Alameda police officers responded to Edison School (2700 Buena Vista Avenue) in regards to a suspicious male adult who was on the campus. School staff members called APD to report the male appeared to be confused and agitated as he stood outside the school’s office for no apparent reason. At one point, the male (a non-alameda resident) approached a teacher and tried to steal their property without success. The male then walked into the office, approached an office employee, and tried to steal their property as well. The male grabbed the office employee and began pulling the employee outside with him.

Upon the arrival of officers, the male released the office employee and immediately charged at the officers. The male began to fight officers in an extended altercation. It took a total of six officers to physically restrain the male.

The male had no contact with students before or during the incident which was isolated to the school’s office area. School staff had initiated a “lockdown” of the school, before police officers arrived, and students were taken into the nearest classrooms. It appears the male has no ties to any of the school’s students and the exact reason why he went to the school is unknown.

At least one officer sustained injury while trying to detain the male.

The male was subsequently arrested for robbery, kidnapping, resisting arrest, battery upon an officer, and he was also determined to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

2 comments to Police Activity at Edison School

  • laura

    I’m an Edison neighbor and this is only one part of the story given to the police department because the very same “suspicious male” was previously knocking on a neighbors door who lives across the street from Edison. According to the neighbor, the guy was pounding on their door in the middle of the night asking them to open up the door because he was looking for “his friend” who, he screamed, lived there. The Edison School neighbors felt so threatened that they retrieved and brandished a gun, pointed it and yelled at the guy thru the window to “get out of here!” This is the story that was overheard by several neighbors who were surprised by the unusual commotion at the school and then watched the police arrest take place.

    But what I’d like to know is why such a huge and threatening guy was still roaming the streets and making an altercation with staff or students at Edison almost inevitable? Did the across the street neighbors call the police after that happened to them? Do they realize how irresponsible their actions were if they didn’t? And now parents at Edison are advocating for new funding to go towards increasing school security?!

  • Heather

    Well, I’m that neighbor that you are talking about. Nothing was missing from the story given to the police. Your quotes are incorrect as those were NOT the words used by me. It was NOT the same suspicious male. It was someone similar in description and I questioned, during the altercation, if it was the same individual. If you were listening to the conversation you would of heard that the police were called the night before and the man was picked up by them. Clearly you heard this through the grapevine and decided to pass on your second hand and incorrect information. The only thing irresponsible here is your very uniformed comment.