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Alameda Police Sting Businesses for Underage Alcohol Sales

Alameda police issued twenty-one citations in a recent underage alcohol sting.

Alameda police issued twenty citations in a recent underage alcohol sting.

Last Friday, Alameda police conducted sting operations at eight Alameda businesses, issuing twenty-one citations for selling alcohol to underage decoys.

The sting included members from Alameda Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit, the Alameda County Vice Enforcement Team, and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

Decoys were sent into both restaurants and markets, with instructions to attempt purchases of alcoholic beverages; police say they were minors under the age of 20, instructed to be truthful about their age and provide a genuine identification card if asked.

Violations spanned the island, and were not concentrated in main business districts.

The 26 percent citation rate is higher than the state average of 15 percent based on similar past operations.

Employees who were cited face a fine, and businesses where the employees worked now face an administrative hearing with, and possible actions by, the state ABC.

The Alameda Police Department intends similar actions in the future, staffing permitted, with the goal of reducing youth access to alcohol.

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