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City of Alameda Appoints Elena Adair as Finance Director

The City of Alameda has appointed Elena Adair as finance director. (Courtesy photo)

The City of Alameda has appointed Elena Adair as finance director. (Courtesy photo)

The City of Alameda announced yesterday that it has appointed Elena Adair, most recently with the City of Stockton, as Finance Director.

Prior to working for Stockton, which filed for bankruptcy in 2012, Adair worked for the City of Alameda, where, according to a City of Alameda press release, she was “the Assistant Finance Director in the City of Vallejo, where she provided strategic and city-wide support in budget development during that city’s bankruptcy proceedings.”

The City of Vallejo filed for bankruptcy in 2008, from which it emerged in 2011. In February of last year, Moody’s Investor Service issued a report warning that steep pension obligations present financial challenges for cities such as Stockton and San Bernadino, which also filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and could tip Vallejo back into insolvency.

Here in Alameda, Adair will oversee the Finance Department Administration, Accounting Services, Accounts Payable, Revenue, Business License, and Payroll sections and a total of 10 employees.

She will assume the duties of Mr. Fred Marsh, who left in August 2014 to become the Finance Director for the City of Fairfield. Former Alameda Finance Director, Juelle-Ann Boyer has been filling the position on an interim basis.

Adair holds Bachelor Degree of Science in Accounting and Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College of California where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is also Certified Public Accountant.

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