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Encinal High Teacher Suspended over Sex-toy Selfie Scandal

A teacher at Encinal High School has reportedly been suspended after jokingly giving a sex-toy selfie homework assignment. (Google Street View)

A teacher at Encinal High School has reportedly been suspended after jokingly giving a sex-toy selfie homework assignment. (Google Street View)

Update: June 7th, 10:30am – Supporters have started a petition calling for the teacher to remain teaching at Encinal.

A cryptic e-mail message sent to to parents by Encinal High School principal Kirsten Zazo earlier this week was clarified by news reports of an Encinal teacher jokingly assigning students sex-toy selfie homework.

“You may have heard a report about a situation with one of our employees. The emotional and physical safety of our students is my top priority. Any such issues are taken very seriously and immediately reported to the school district for investigation. I am so sorry I cannot discuss or divulge the specifics of this reported incident because it is a personnel matter. Under board policy and California law I am compelled to maintain the confidentiality of any details,” wrote Zazo on Thursday.

That same day, SFGate reported that the Alameda Unified School District was looking into assertions that an Encinal High School teacher had, apparently in jest, told students they could earn extra grade points for taking pictures of themselves with their parent’s sex-toys and condoms.

On Friday, Zazo followed-up to parents, writing, “Since some news stations recently started reporting on an issue with one of our teachers, we have received emails asking about the situation. Please know we understand your concern about what has been alleged, and we want you to know we also acknowledge frustration some feel with us not being able to give information. However, both the law and board policy require AUSD to keep details of this situation confidential, and this is done both to protect all parties involved and also to preserve the integrity of the ongoing investigation.”

On Friday, SFGate reported that geometry teacher Wing-Wah Leung had been put on leave while the district investigates.

The apparent joke assignment was said to have been presented to a class of tenth graders in late April or early May.

2 comments to Encinal High Teacher Suspended over Sex-toy Selfie Scandal

  • Dennis Laine

    It’s not a JOKE, when one of the student’s actually completed the assignment (JOKE), and the selfie was shared with class! AUSD is stonewalling, typical response. Wait until the national news gets a hold of this.
    The police should have been called immediately. This is a form of child abuse and sex abuse. Not to mention violating the parents right to privacy.

  • ned

    Very stupid and should just let it go. The very same people that complain about a joke like this are the same people that use to do worse with pranks/jokes. The 10th graders probably trying to figure out how to pop his virgin cherry at the next prom. Just like most of you would steal your mommy and daddy’s porn flick and watch it with your friends when you were in high school. OMG! A SEX TOY JOKE! Complaining about every little picky thing is not parenting. People need to relax. myself would have brought a toy to school with a report on how it’s made and use.