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Ridesharing App for Teens and Tweens Launched, with Service in Alameda County

Tech company Shuddle announced this week it has launched ShuddleMe, a ridesharing mobile application intended to allow teens and tweens to schedule their own rides, similar to Uber.

The company says the service is available in five Bay area counties, including Alameda.

Kids can schedule rides up to one hour in advance, and, on booking, both kids and parents receive driver information including a biography and photo, through their phone.

Parents can also track ride-progress on their own phone, based on GPS technology.

In a prepared statement, Nick Allen, Shuddle CEO, said that the service gives tween and teenaged kids more autonomy by letting them arrange their own rides, yet putting parents’ minds to rest.

Shuddle charges a monthly fee for the service, and per-ride fares based on distance, all billed through the application, so kids don’t have to carry cash.

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