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Freeway Fatality Fouls Morning Commute

An early morning collision on I-880 at High Street killed one person and closed three lanes of traffic just in time for the morning commute.

According to the California Highway Patrol, before 4:50am this morning, a Hyundai Sonata traveling southbound on I-880 stalled and stopped in the number two lane (second from left) near High Street.

The driver of an approaching Honda Civic saw the stopped Hyundai and applied the emergency brake in an attempt to stop; that action turned the Honda sideways, stopping in the number one lane.

A third vehicle, a Subaru Forester, approaching the scene was unable to stop and hit the Honda, pushing it into the path of a fourth vehicle, a GMC 1500 pickup.

By the time California Highway Patrol officers arrived on scene, the Hyundai and Subaru were engulfed in flames, and the driver of the Honda had been killed as a result of the collision with the pickup truck.

The name of the deceased driver has not yet been released.

Lanes on southbound I-880 were blocked until 7am.

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