Rent Increase Survey

Have you submitted your latest rent increase data to the rent increase survey?

Alameda Rent Increase Survey

Action Alameda News is compiling a database of tenant-reported rent increases. Results of the survey will be published at a future date, and shared with the City of Alameda. Your response carries more weight if you support it by e-mailing a copy of your rent increase notice to

Addendum: We’ve twice offered to work with the Alameda Renter’s Coalition on this effort to ensure the data is un-biased, but ARC reps refuse to respond.

Complete the survey here.

4 comments to Alameda Rent Increase Survey

  • jasonbuckley

    Yes, by all means, please give all of your personal information to an organization that wants to do absolutely NOTHING to help you with the rising rents while letting “the free market” sort things out. Now where’s that sarcasm font when I need it?

  • Jason,

    Such a study like this is something the City of Alameda could have easily started early last year, when people first started expressing concern. Instead, council at that time, handed things over to Jeff Cambra for his mediation process, which, everyone knew up front, would not include such a study.

    The data collected will be published (only the survey responses, not the rent increase notices) and shared with the City of Alameda. The only way that couldn’t help tenants with rising rents is if the data shows that the problem is overstated.

    Judging from the number of signatures on the rent moratorium petition, enough people seem to think that there is a problem, so documenting their rent increases in this study can only help.

    Here’s a summary of responses submitted to date:

    Avg increase: 7%
    Highest increase: 10%
    Lowest increase: 2%

  • jasonbuckley

    Data collection is a good idea. Filtering it through a biased source, maybe not so much. The city wants data, so renters should send their documentation directly to the city. Not through a biased website. Here’s the place to tell your story, regardless of when it happened…

  • Except the city isn’t doing any data collection….

    I’m happy to work with ARC to audit the data to show we aren’t cooking the books.

    Note that complaints filed with the RRAC will skew the data in the opposite directly – only people with high increases will file complaints. That won’t paint an honest picture of the rental market in Alameda either, as it will simply bias the data towards the high side.

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