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Former NASA Astronaut Daniel Bursch Presents On-board USS Hornet Museum

Retired NASA astronaut Dan Bursch speaks on-board the USS Hornet Museum.

Retired NASA astronaut Dan Bursch speaks on-board the USS Hornet Museum. (Action Alameda News)

Earlier today, four-time NASA space flight veteran Daniel Bursch gave a presentation on-board the USS Hornet Museum. Families came to hear Bursch talk about his experiences on the space shuttle and the International Space Station, and have their pictures taken with him.

Bursch’s appearance was possible due to a $300,000 grant awarded to the USS Hornet Museum by the federal Office of Naval Research (ONR) to create a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program.

Action Alameda News caught-up with Bursch to conduct a video interview, presented below. He said that coming back to Earth from space was like going from a huge view to living on an ant-hill, and one of the hardest things about returning after spending six-and-a-half months on the space station, with just two other people, was adapting to crowds of people when going about daily life.

Like Buzz Aldrin, Bursch advocates continued exploration of manned missions to Mars.

The space station will be visible from the ground in Alameda tomorrow morning, Sunday, September 13th, at around 5:01am, entering view at about 33 degrees above North and exiting at about 13 degrees above North-Northeast.

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