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Alameda Municipal Power Says Valley Fire Not Impacting Electricity Delivery

The Sacramento Bee was reporting today that the Valley Fire in Lake County had damage five of 14 geothermal electricity plants at The Geysers; Alameda Municipal Power has issued a statement saying that although the utility draws power from geothermal and solar plants in the area, near Middletown, delivery of electricity in Alameda is uninterrupted.

According to an Alameda Municipal Power statement this afternoon, the utility maintains a “diversified mix of generation including wind, geothermal, biomass, solar and hydroelectric power throughout Northern California.”

Additionally, the Northern California Power Agency, the local utility’s supplier, maintains combustion turbines at Alameda Point which can be put into operation if needed.

The extent of any damage to the at-risk plants in the fire area is unclear; Calpine Corporation, operator of the plants at The Geysers did not immediately respond to a request for status on the plants.

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