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Carol Gottstein Responds on City Hall West Trespassing Allegation

Addendum: The City Clerk’s office, responding to an Action Alameda News public records request, indicates that City of Alameda Planning Board member John Knox White made the public records request for police reports pertaining to Carol Gottstein’s interaction with police at City Hall West. Here is the packet that John Knox White submitted to City Council yesterday in advance of consideration of Gottstein’s nomination to the disability commission.

Yesterday, local reporter Steven Tavares posted to his news website, EBCitizen, a story about Carol Gottstein, a local disabled person, and booster of Mayor Trish Spencer whom Spencer had nominated to the Alameda disabilities commission. Apparently due to the events detailed in the story, Gottstein’s nomination was not confirmed.

The Alameda firefighters union – which supported Marie Gilmore over Spencer in last November’s election – has been actively publishing and re-publishing a link to the story on social media this morning.

Gottstein has responded to article, saying the whole story hasn’t been told.

Gottstein told Action Alameda News that, writing in the third person, she posted a response to the EBCitizen story:

“‘Gottstein said she had a key procured from a member of city board that uses the facility for meetings, she said.’ This is a false statement. Once again, Steven Tavares has written an article about someone without bothering to actually interview that person. This is especially peculiar because, last night at the Alameda City Council meeting, Tavares was sitting on the other side of the aisle from Carol Gottstein, until 1:30 AM, when the meeting ended. Despite two breaks in the meeting, at no time did Tavares make any attempt to speak to Gottstein, before, during, or after. So, come on, Tavares, what kind of journalism is this?

“While the building is nominally called City Hall West, city offices make up only a quarter of this old NAS admin building. The rest of it is still being used by the Navy. Carol Gottstein has served on the Alameda NAS Restoration Advisory Board for five years.

“The NAS Information Repository has been located in this building since before the Navy decommissioned the base in 1997, and it is always open to RAB members, even when City Hall West offices are closed. On Feb 21, Gottstein was rousted, without cause, from this NAS Information Repository by APD. She was not found ‘inside City Hall West offices’, as Tavares incorrectly reports.”

3 comments to Carol Gottstein Responds on City Hall West Trespassing Allegation

  • Mike Kelly

    It is truly sad when L689 dosen’t get its way, they have to try and smear TS in any way possible. This is one of their common tactics and will come home to haunt them one day. It’s called “CyberBullying”.

  • Ana

    Looks like the police have plenty of resources to devote to important cases. Also, city staff appears to be monitoring blogs keeping track of who says what and compiling files as to anonymous usernames and who may be saying what and what a username may really mean. If this doesn’t scare the hell out of civil libertarians, I don’t know what will. Looks like Carol Gottstein did something stupid, but had no ill-intent; however, the same cannot be said for those seeking to make a political mountain out of a personal mole hill

    – Ana
    (Is that short for Anarchist? Is it that chubby white lady who is always complaining about motorcycles or is it that middle-aged hispanic guy who seems a bit disturbed?)

  • Ana, it gets worse.

    At last week’s community workshop re: Central Ave. They were essentially requiring people to sign-in to attend the meeting. They had two tables set up on either side of the doors, with “greeters” asking (directing, really) people to sign-in.

    It’s against the law (California public meetings law) to require people to sign-in to participate in a public meeting.

    Further, the sign-in sheets did not have, as required by law, a notice that says that sign-in is voluntary, and not required to participate.

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