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Crowds Gather to Watch Blue Angels Take-off From Oakland Airport North Field

A member of the Blue Angels takes-off from Oakland Airport's North Field, October 10, 2015. (Action Alameda News)

A member of the Blue Angels takes-off from Oakland Airport’s North Field, October 10, 2015. (Action Alameda News)

Crowds gathered before 3 p.m. today at the end of the North Field at Oakland Airport, just before the Blue Angels took-off to perform in the Fleet Week air show in San Francisco.

More than 100 people at two different vantage points gathered at the foot of Maitland Drive in Alameda to catch a glimpse of the six fighter jets enroute to the second of three airshows.

Terry Zulaica, who lives on Maitland Drive told Action Alameda News, “they’ve been coming right over the house. The cat’s been scared, jumping in mid-air. But I just had to come over and see and take some pictures for my friends back in Chicago so I can send them and say ‘this is how close we are to the Blue Angels’…nothing better. I love the Blue Angels.”

The Blue Angels perform once more this Fleet Week, tomorrow, Sunday, at 3 p.m.

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