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Changes Afoot for Commission on Disability Issues

Changes are afoot for the Committee on Disability Issues. (File photo)

Changes are afoot for the Committee on Disability Issues. (File photo)

The City of Alameda is changing the department supporting the Commission on Disability Issues, and thereby anticipating a resultant change in perspective.

Interim City Manager Liz Warmerdam confirmed that the Risk Management team, under the City Attorney, will no long provide departmental staff support for the commission.

Instead, support will shift to the Public Works Department.

Warmerdam told Action Alameda News, “in the past, the perspective has been about avoiding risk. Instead we want the lens to be one that helps figure out ways to improve accessibility for those that need it most. Just a different perspective.

“The Public Works Department is under the supervision of the City Manager’s office and I can set the tone and level of support the staff provides the commission. Risk Management is under the City Attorney’s office and their perspective is very different. In the end, I think it will be better for the Commission and for the level of visibility their work will receive.”

By ordinance, the duties of the commission are:

  1. Provide information and make recommendations regarding disability issues to the City Council.
  2. Receive information regarding disability issues from the community at large.
  3. Adopt rules for the proper conduct of its affairs.

The City of Alameda is actively seeking nominations for the commission.

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