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City of Alameda Castigated as Landlord of Old Navy Base Housing

One of the 'big whites' at Alameda Point. (

One of the ‘big whites’ at Alameda Point. (

A day before the City of Alameda is set to review a rent study, and consider an emergency moratorium that would limit the ability of local landlords to raise rents and remove tenants, a City of Alameda tenant took her landlord to task at the City Council meeting.

The City of Alameda, in August, filed eviction proceedings with the court to remove Athena Burns from her Barbers Point Road home at Alameda Point, one of the homes originally used as housing by the U.S. Navy.

The city contracts with Gallagher and Lindsey to manage the properties.

Burns addressed council before it went into closed session to discuss her case. She called her landlord – the City of Alameda – a “bully” and said the eviction efforts were “aggressive.”

In her statements to city council last night, and in a court response to the eviction proceedings, Burns asserts that chronic mold problems at the property resulted in mold and water damage to her personal property.

Burns says she has been battling with Gallagher and Lindsey to get window repairs completed, and to get a sliding glass door replaced after nearby units were broken into via the same entry.

“All I did was submit a bill for physical damages,” she told city council.

Burns claims that Gallagher and Lindsey and the City of Alameda failed to maintain the property in a habitable condition, and consequently, she does not owe the full amount of rent due.

“The City of Alameda,” she wrote, “has recently gained notoriety for engaging in the practice of systematically abusing myself and many other long term renters” through one-side rental agreements.

Additionally, she asserts that the “rent began aggressively escalating at about 20% per year for four years with the last major increase prior to December 1, 2014.”

“With all the rental studies, you should look at yourself,” she told City Council.

Athena Burns Response to Unlawful Detainer (RG15780931)

Athena Burns Response to Unlawful Detainer

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