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Landlords Beat Tenants to Speakers Slips, One Bloody Arrest Results

Blood on the floor at Alameda City Hall after an arrest. (Wesley Warren)

Blood on the floor at Alameda City Hall after an arrest. (Wesley Warren)

Landlords beat tenants to the speakers slips, and seats in city council chambers, tonight and in the aftermath, at least one person suffered a bloody arrest.

Witnesses told Action Alameda News that landlords arrived early and in force for tonight’s special city council meeting to consider a report on rising rents in Alameda, and a possible urgency ordinance to implement a moratorium on rent increases and lease terminations by landlords.

By arriving early, the landlords were able to initially dominate the public hearing.

This led, witnesses explained, to an intense, highly charged, atmosphere with tenant activists queued up outside of council chambers chanting “Let us speak” and making noise.

The man who was arrested was pounding on a table and was told to stop, a witness told Action Alameda News.

When he didn’t, he was arrested, reportedly with some force.

An officer at city hall redirected any questions to superiors who had already left the scene.

As Action Alameda News discussed the events with witnesses outside city hall, a passer-by indicated there was a second, as yet unconfirmed, arrest.

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