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Two Arrested at City Hall Last Night

Addendum – a city hall press release late today said that one of the men arrested “pushed an Assistant City Manager to the ground, sending him to the hospital with a broken hip.”

Two tenant activists were arrested at Alameda City Hall last night, as crowds gathered to speak at a special city council meeting scheduled to receive a report on the state of rental housing in Alameda, and to consider an urgency ordinance that would implement a moratorium on rent increases.

Anticipating the crowds, city officials set up multiple overflow rooms with video feeds within city hall and at the library down the street.

Arrested, according to Alameda police logs, were Bob Davis, 68, and John Edward Klein, 64, both on charges of battery on a peace officer and resisting arrest.

Witnesses told Action Alameda News last night that Davis, as part of a crowd of tenants trying to enter a full council chambers chanting “Let us speak,” was pounding on a table in the hallway to make noise, and was told by police to stop.

This account is corroborated by citizen video posted last night to social media which shows some kind of exchange between Davis and Alameda police officers.

The camera turns away at a critical moment and then turns back to show Davis already being held by an officer and then hauled to the ground.

The Alameda police log explains that, during the city council meeting, “an altercation between several citizens ensued. (ARR1) [Bob Davis] battered (VIC2), an officer, and resisted/delayed arrest.”

The log provides no further details on Klein’s arrest.

Alameda City Council unanimously approved a 65-day urgency ordinance that implements a moratorium on rent increase notices amounting to greater than 8 percent cumulative over a twelve month period, and on landlord initiated lease terminations for no cause.

Wesley Warren, who attended the meeting, filmed this video below, in the aftermath of the arrest.

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