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Housing Provider Appointee to Rent Review Advisory Committee Resigns, Citing Opposition to Rent Control

A housing provider appointee to the city's Rent Review Advisory Commission has resigned after one meeting. (File photo)

A housing provider appointee to the city’s Rent Review Advisory Committee has resigned after one meeting. (File photo)

Karin Lucas, a local Alameda landlord who was only just appointed as a housing provider representative on the Rent Review Advisory Committee, has resigned her seat after participating in just one committee meeting.

Lucas tendered her resignation to Mayor Trish Spencer by e-mail over the weekend, writing, “the reason is that I will be involved in a group of small rental property owners in Alameda who do not wish to see rent control or restrictions on no‐cause evictions. This may just make me too controversial in the eyes of the public appearing before the Rent Review Advisory [Committee].”

She also suggested that new demands on the body may warrant briefings by the City Attorney’s office on California open meetings laws, and that committee members be required to take a course in mediation.

Lucas’s resignation re-opens a housing provider seat on the committee.

At the city council meeting tonight, council is expected to approve the appointment of Brendan Sullivan-Seriñana to the committee as a tenant representative.

The committee, which mediates rent disputes to non-binding decisions, is comprised of five volunteer members: two housing providers, two renters, and one homeowner.

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