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Park Street Shipping Container Project Draws Local Business Support

Artist's rendering of Park Esquina, slated for 1926 Park Street.

Artist’s rendering of Park Esquina, slated for 1926 Park Street.

Alameda City Council will hold a public hearing tonight regarding the Planning Board’s prior approval, in October, of a project slated for a vacant lot at the corner of Park Street and Blanding Avenue. Residents have objected to the project which is premised on re-purposing shipping containers for building structures.

Councilmember Tony Daysog called for the hearing at the behest of “several residents” who object to the appearance of the proposed development.

Opponents have been writing letters-to-editor in local newspapers, and spoke out against the project at the planning board meeting in late October; former Councilmember Doug deHaan told the board the project, “would fit well at Alameda Point,” but questioned the appropriateness of the design for the approach to the Park Street business area.

But Park Street and nearby businesses have rallied in support of the project, which they see has filling a void, submitting numerous letters of support to City Council in advance of tonight’s meeting.

Donna Layburn, president of the Park Street Board of Directors, wrote, “The size of the lot, approximately 7,000 sq. ft. doesn’t lend itself to larger, more conventional, architectural approaches.”

City staff are recommending that council uphold the planning board’s prior approval of the project.

2 comments to Park Street Shipping Container Project Draws Local Business Support

  • Mike Kelly

    Nice, now when you enter the Island City by the Park St. bridge, you are greeted by a pile of containers that match the view presented by the High St. bridge(High Street Center). At least the containers are of a somewhat more recent vintage.

  • carol

    Shame on you, Donna Layburn (she’s my next-door neighbor)! I know you’ve seen The Spite House at Broadway and Crist.
    54 ft long and 10 ft wide, it still manages to be architecturally appropriate to the neighborhood. The Spite House is even a tourist attraction.

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