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Alameda Poet Laureate Wins Press Club Awards

Julia Park Tracey (Courtesy Photo)

Julia Park Tracey (Courtesy Photo)

Alameda Poet Laureate Julia Park Tracey has won two awards from the San Francisco Press Club.

Tracey was recognized in the entertainment and blogs/commentary categories at the 38th Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards on Saturday, December 5th, in Foster City.

She won a first place award for a feature she wrote for Sweatpants & Coffee, an online magazine and another for a post on her own blog.

Tracey told Action Alameda News, “It’s nice to be recognized for something I do that is generally un-lauded: Sitting alone in my dining room writing for weeks on end, then running after a story, writing frenetically under deadline while having a massive panic attack, seeing the story go live — and then it lands like a lead balloon. The struggle is real.”

The press club received 398 submissions from 11 Bay area counties, competing for 200 awards; the contest was judged by press clubs in Cleveland, Florida, New Orleans, Orange County and Kern County.

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